Contemporary Retirement Strategies Rooted in Tradition

Why JBR Associates?

What Sets Us Apart:

At JBR Associates, we specialize in unique retirement strategies that work alongside traditional planning. We understand that the years leading up to and during retirement are crucial for your financial well-being. There’s a significant threat to your savings known as “Sequence of Returns Risk” during this period, which can be harmful. Waiting for market recoveries might not be the best choice. Our guidance is rooted in objective advice, supported by solid mathematical and scientific facts, not personal opinions. Our aim is to protect a portion of your portfolio from major losses.

Our steadfast commitment is to help you secure guaranteed retirement income and safeguard your hard-earned savings. We may also explore strategies to minimize your tax liability, potentially reducing it to zero. Your retirement should be a time of peace, free from financial worries.

If a substantial part of your investments is at risk, and you’re interested in secure ways to grow your wealth, protect your gains, or create a dependable income stream, our experienced professionals are here to assist. Contact us for a free portfolio review. If you meet our criteria, this decision could change your life.


Our retirement solutions are firmly grounded in economic and mathematical principles, relying on empirical evidence rather than speculation or personal opinions. We will introduce alternative approaches to the investment volatility you might currently be experiencing.

Legacy Solutions

Secure a lasting legacy for your loved ones with JBR Associates through the creation of a "Tax-Advantaged" plan. Our multi-generational plans not only provide financial security for your retirement but also offer support for your beneficiaries.

Lifetime Income Planning

With JBR Associates, you can safely grow your wealth, minimize most risks, and ensure financial security for both you and your spouse throughout your lifetime. We introduce strategies that generate a guaranteed "pension-like" income that will last for your entire lives.

A system that guides your financial success

RBG Concepts: The three colors Tool that puts you in control!

This proprietary software system using red, blue and green colors. You’ve probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is what we have done for you through this amazing program that will give you clarity, confidence, and peace of mind about your financial future.

We help you achieve retirement goals with custom plans with the expertise of our financial professionals.

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