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At JBR Associates, our mission is to provide contemporary retirement strategies deeply rooted in time-honored traditions. We are dedicated to crafting personalized financial plans that not only reflect our clients’ unique aspirations but also draw strength from the wisdom of proven, traditional financial principles. By blending innovation with enduring values, we aim to guide our clients toward a secure and prosperous retirement. Together, we build a bridge between the modern financial landscape and the enduring wisdom of traditional planning, ensuring our clients’ financial legacies for generations to come.
1. Let's Connect

We will conduct a comprehensive consultation, where we actively listen to individual financial goals and aspirations, to tailor a customized plan for our clients.

2. Apply Strategy

JBR Financial Services demonstrates disciplined income planning strategies by meticulously analyzing clients' financial profiles, setting clear goals, and adhering to a well-defined budgeting process.

3. Monitor

We will regularly review client portfolios and financial performance to assess the effectiveness of strategies and make timely adjustments as needed, ensuring clients remain on track to achieve their financial goals.

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A plan for growing and protecting your wealth.

Independents & Retirees

We focus on helping both independent individuals and retirees navigate their financial situations to ensure financial security and peace of mind.

Professionals & Businesses

We offer services to help these clients navigate their financial journey and make informed decisions to secure their financial future.


Wealth planning can provide solutions that help transfer wealth to future generations optimally and effectively.

Meet our Founder

Brandon Robinson

President, Founder, Author, Speaker, Producer

Specializing in income strategies for retirees & pre-retirees, Brandon Robinson has been successfully serving clients across a multi-state region protecting their wealth and income needs. As President and Founder of JBR Associates, LLC, Brandon and his team bring many years of experience and expertise to benefit his clients. Brandon utilizes the strategies that Nobel Prize winning Economists, Financial PhDs, and Presidential Advisors use to protect their family savings from market losses and to increase their retirement incomes.

Driven by these principles, Brandon joined with these expert contributors as an Executive Producer of the acclaimed Hollywood documentary “The Baby Boomer Dilemma”. A film that exposes the greatest economical challenge of our time.

Brandon and his wife, Joy, both born and raised in Texas, have called the Dallas area home for over 40 years. With a degree in Applied Mathematics, Brandon leans on scientific facts to deliver retirement solutions to his clients – not speculation or opinions. When he isn’t crunching numbers and working on retirement strategies, you can find him spending time with his family and serving others in his community at the Top Gun Men’s Ministry.

Brandon and his partners offer the upmost level of in-depth knowledge to help safely grow your wealth, create income in the Zero Percent tax bracket, and create income you never outlive. Brandon takes pride in putting the best interests of his clients first – ALWAYS. “My specialty is in helping people enjoy a successful retirement using a scientific process called Income Staggering. More income with less stress!”. – Brandon

We help you achieve retirement goals with custom plans with the expertise of our financial professionals.

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